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This is a proof of concept implementation of a Time and Place program to allow annual time series to be viewed graphically. It sprang from a demo program from Silicon Graphics (SGI) called Demograph that displayed annual statistics by animating a map of the US. I also owe much of my inspiration to the wonderful The State of the World Atlas series published by Penguin Books.

Launch it by clicking on the link above, but know that the first launch may take a minute or so to launch - please be patient.

It's focus is on geopolitical data organized by regions: states or countries. Each region is displayed as a bar chart with a control to sequence through the years. Regions can be collapsed or expanded, sorted by name or value, selected to allow them to be tracked easier, just high or low regions displayed, and scales chosen for the values and the chart.

If the local system supports the capability, the information is also shown on a 3D prism graph, where each region rises or falls as the statistic changes.

A series can be saved as a file compatible with most spreadsheet programs, and any file in this format can be read in and displayed. Several series can also be combined over a common range of dates and regions by creating a new series and providing formulas to compute its values from selected input series. Links can be added in a spreadsheet program or text editor to allow web pages to be brought up which are relevent to a specific time or place.


Here's a current event quiz. This example computes the sum of Republican and Democrat vote from the individual series for each state. The year 1948 is shown, while the slider can be used to select dates between 1920 to 1988. Clicking on the Sample date of 1948 brings up a web page about the election in that year so you can answer the obvious question: Who was the third party candidate in 1948? Clicking on a the name of a state in the bar chart brings up a home page of the state goverment.


The Web Start mechanism used to launch this application may take a considerable amount of time the first launch, and even tens of seconds on subsequent launches. And there is no feedback to let you know it is loading. Be patient. The 3D prism map capability is available only with Java 1.4.2 and will not appear if that is not available.

The application asks for unrestricted access to the local system since it loads a native library for displaying the prism map. This also allows it to read statistics files from sites other than the application's home site.

If clicking on the this link to the Time And Place application does not download and execute the application and it's required Java support, you will have to manually install Sun's Java plugin for Java 1.4.1 or 1.4.2 on your computer. It is available for most systems (except for Mac's prior to OS 10) from

A number of statistics may be opened using the US Series and World Series submenus of the File menu. See the Examples page for a description. Also, see the User Guide for more information on the program's use and how to customize it to point to your own statistics.

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