Acknowledgments and License Information


The Time and Place application may be freely used. The software is copyrighted.


The application uses several libraries and data sources which are acknowledged here:

Nathan Funks Java Expression Parser provides the support used to evaluate the compute and combine expressions. It is available from

The Java Open Graphics Language library, Jogl, is used for the 3D graphics of the prism map. It is available at

The state and country outlines were derived from shape files from the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, and from the U.S. Geological Survey.

The Proj4 libraries were used in creating Larrivˇe projections for the maps.

Stephen Ostermillers CSV utilities were originally used to read Excel csv files and have now been replaced by custom code.


1. LICENSE TO USE. This license grants the Licensee the right to use the Software on any supported platform.

2. OWNERSHIP OF SOFTWARE. No title to or ownership of the Software is transferred to the Licensee. This license is not a sale of the original Software, just the right to use it.


3. RIGHT TO LICENSE. Agile Image Movers warrents to the Licensee that Agile Image Movers has the right to license the Software and that the Software does not infringe on any copyright in the United States.

4. COPYRIGHT. The Licensee acknowledges that the Software is copyrighted and protected under the Copyright laws of the United States.

5. LIABILITY. The Software is provided on an "as is" basis. Agile Image Movers makes no warranty, express or implied, with regard to the use of the Software. Agile Image Movers does not represent or warrant that the Software will operate error free or that defects in the Software will be corrected. Agile Image Movers shall not have any liability to the Licensee for claims, losses, damages or injuries arising from the use of the Software.

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