Agile Image Movers Software

Agile Image Movers develops software for visualizing interesting data. Several applications are available.

The Time and Place application allows annual time series data in the form of spreadsheets to be displayed as animated bar charts and a prism map and allows the easy computation of a new series from existing series. It's focus is on helping to create a forum for people investigating annual trends where it is easy to do the kind of comparisons that usually take a good deal of effort.

Time And Place is a Java Web Start application that runs on platforms with modern Java support (PC, Linux, and Mac OS X).

The Ead Conversion application is a proof of concept tool for converting a library's finding aid container list of a collection into an EAD XML document. It is a Java Web Start application you can run by clicking here.

If clicking on the link above does not download and execute the application, you will need to install Sun's Java plugin on your computer. It is available for most systems (except for Mac's prior to OS 10) from here:


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